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  • I have received a track & trace code but it is not working, what should I do now?

When you see the following:

This package does not appear in the DPD database.

The possible reasons could be:

• The package label number entered is incorrect

• The package label number is older than 90 days and is already stored in the archive.

• The package has not yet been handed over to DPD.

This means that your package has been prepared for shipment but has not yet been registered with DPD.

As soon as your package has been prepared for shipment, you will receive a track & trace code. It is possible that the package has not been collected yet by DPD. When it has not been collected by DPD you will see little or no information about your package. If you still do not see any further information after 3 days, please contact us via our contact form.

  • My package was registered on Saturday and there is no further information?

We regularly pack orders on Saturdays. However, DPD will not pick up orders on Saturday. As a result, your order will be collected by DPD on Monday and after that there will be more information about your shipment.

  • When will my order be shipped?

The ordered fabrics/products are shipped by us within 4 - 6 business days. As soon as your order has been prepared for shipping, you will receive an email with track and trace from DPD. You can follow the shipping of your package using this code. It is the customer's responsibility to follow his/her package and make sure you are able to accept the package or choose a different type of delivery.

Note: When there is a public holiday, a business day will be canceled.

  • What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs can be found under the category customer service - shipping at Driessen Stoffen (

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